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Catholic Universities Prospective Department

Catholic Universities Prospective Department

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Publié par francois-mabille.over-blog.fr sur 30 Octobre 2016, 14:01pm

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Novembre 2016 : Technological developments, Labor, Society

The ongoing technological revolution will affect radically the organization of our societies, particularly on labor. Suggested by Theodoro Peters, SJ, this theme is animated within IFCU by the Argentine Jesuit university FEI.

(International network being created : call for volunteer institutions)

Contact : montserrat.alom@bureau.fiuc.org


Novembre 2016 : Catholic Universities face the challenge of the refugee crisis: towards the creation of University Without Borders (UWB)

The Middle East crisis, the weakness or the criminalization of some states cause refugee flows, for the first time, reaching the European continent. For a long time, the analysis of this international problem were reduced in analyzes of internationalists. IFCU, with its network, launches forward thinking on this subject, by programming a closed specialists symposium next March in Rome, and a second, still in Rome, in November 2017.

Programme Manager: Loïc Roche, political scientist,IFCU

(International network being created : call for volunteer institutions)

Contact : loic.roche@bureau.fiuc.org


Novembre 2016 : Transhumanist challenges

Interdisciplinary reflection on the issues raised by the transhumanist perspective. Monthly meetings organized under the direction of David Doat, researcher at the Catholic University of Lille, as part of a network integrating the Catholic universities of Lyon and Toulouse. This issue is worked inside the Social Sciences Sectorial Group.

Contact : montserrat.alom@bureau.fiuc.org


Novembre 2016 : International Network for Studies in religious radicalism and risk
Partners: Catholic University of Lille (France), Saint Paul University (Ottawa - Canada) Raoul Dandurand Chair, UQAM Canada, Religions Societies, Laïcités Lab (EPHR-CNRS, France) , Peace and conflict Department - Uppsala, University in Beirut, Geneva Center for Security Policy,

(International network being created : call for volunteer institutions)

Contact : f.mabille@bureau.fiuc.org



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