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Catholic Universities Prospective Department

Catholic Universities Prospective Department

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Publié par francois-mabille.over-blog.fr sur 30 Octobre 2016, 13:56pm

Working with universities and NGOs or think tanks, the Prospective Department of IFCU intends to develop the futurist thinking on major contemporary issues and suggest action proposals around the challenges posed by societal changes.

The prospective approach takes on a new importance to the benefit of three contemporary trends:

International relations are both accelerating their time frames, with a growing number of actors, interdependence, and the emergence of new challenges that can be characterized by speaking of a society of risk, internationally.

The evolution of a knowledge society, marked by a renewal of our knowledge at a rapid pace, which rises a double problem: the organization of our educational systems (knowledge, articulation of disciplines, pedagogy) and of the training of our elites.

The biotechnology revolution, which experts call "the great NBIC convergence" - ie synergies between Nanotechnology, Biology, Computer and Cognitive Sciences - is brought to upset our anthropology, the ordering of society in its economic, social, cultural and therefore ethical.

The Prospective Department aims to encourage prospective, multidisciplinary study of major contemporary issues, borrowing from multicultural and multidisciplinary  traditions of prospective.

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