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Catholic Universities Prospective Department

Catholic Universities Prospective Department

prospective, higher education, research, innovation, creativity, futur of society, ethics

IFCU Prospective Map, according to the Millenium Project IFCU Prospective Map, according to the Millenium Project 15 Global Challenges facing humanity Lire la suite
Foresight Think Tanks Foresight Think Tanks For Cutting-Edge Foresight analysis shaping global affairs BEPA , bureau des conseillers de politique européenne - Le BEPA est l'héritier de la Cellule de prospective créée à la Commission européenne en 1989. À l'époque, il s'agissait d'un «petit groupe... Lire la suite
HIGHER EDUCATION ISSUES HIGHER EDUCATION ISSUES Novembre 2016 What about Catholic Universities ? MicroMasters Credentials are a Pathway to Today’s Top Jobs "MicroMasters programs are a series of graduate level courses from top universities designed to advance your career. They provide deep learning... Lire la suite
NEWS NEWS Novembre 2016 : Technological developments, Labor , Society The ongoing technological revolution will affect radically the organization of our societies , particularly on labor . Suggested by Theodoro Peters, SJ , this theme is animated within IFCU by... Lire la suite
ABOUT US ABOUT US Working with universities and NGOs or think tanks, the Prospective Department of IFCU intends to develop the futurist thinking on major contemporary issues and suggest action proposals around the challenges posed by societal changes. The prospective approach... Lire la suite


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